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second annual halloween bash

November 1, 2012 | Snippets of Life | Comments

Our second annual Halloween bash was a lot of fun! Toluca Lake didn’t disappoint… there were literally thousands of kids! I made Romeo’s chicken costume out of feather boas, hot glue and a onesie, but it turned out to be a little bit of a disaster… feathers were everywhere, all over his face and I had to cut the back of the onesie for it to fit him! And if that wasn’t enough, the feet didn’t fit either! Yikes! Once we got it on, he was the most adorable chicken, but we only took quick pictures and then put his little “boo” PJs on the rest of the night. Lots of lessons learned as a new mama… I will be much more prepared next year. I was a mama chicken and Zan was a papa chicken, then changed to a redneck later on, ha! Zan put on a “mohawk” chicken suit similar to the one he wore in this video! And now you know why we’re all dressed like chickens!I think the redneck was my favorite (see my instagram for a pic). Romeo kept grabbing Zan’s face and saying “oowwww,” not sure what that meant. Maybe the stuffed belly reminded him of his own? I don’t know. I made mini candy bar cupcakes (this recipe with a chunck of candy bar on top) that were a hit and my favorite icebox mocha cake. So darn good! I hope you all had a great Halloween – what kind of things did you do?

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